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To get the most out of commuter cycling (lights and reflectors are a ‘given’), you have to do it all when it comes to equipping your bike for the daily rides – and the unpredictable weather. Here’s the to-do list to happy biking to and from transit everyday – free of a spray stain up your back because you forgot about puddles, and fenders…

Fenders – A must, for just that reason. It’s one thing to predict the weather, and stay out of the rain. It’s another thing to ride safely in traffic, and stay out of puddles. Fenders are the big equalizer when it comes to you against the rain. So do get some.

Back Rack – There’s three options when it comes to your bike’s payload: back rack, front basket, or both. That’s up to you. If you’re carrying anything heavy, and like your bike slim at the bike rack, the best set up might be a back rack with collapsible or removable side baskets.

Front Basket – For the average person commuting to work by bike, a front basket works very well for quick transport of your purse or briefcase. Lunch, groceries or toolkit, there’s plenty of room. Try a basket on top of your back rack. It’s amazing what a couple of bungee cords can do!

Tool & Patch Kit – Carrying a small pump, patch kit and tire levers will save you a lot of risk, and get you to that meeting in time should you have a flat. Keep the wheel on to patch the tube. Slow leak?… Pump it up as you leave, and fix the flat on the train! also take note when wearing clipless pedals you use tools incase you need adjustment.

Chain Guard – Essential. A chain guard keeps your pants out of the grease, and keeps your chain out of the rain while parked at transit.

Seat Cover – A plastic bag or shower cap over your seat will keep it dry in the rain, and snow.

Gloves – For Spring and Fall morning and evening commutes, carry a light set of gloves with you. When the weather calls for frost, warm hands are the way to go, and get there.

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