Bike Commuting Outfit

If there is one debate, that’s never-ending, it’s what to wear when biking to work, in this case biking to transit to work. It all comes down to your level of comfort with the amount of wrinkled clothes, sweaty brows, wet socks or bad hair days your cycling effort causes you, if any.

Work Clothes – In many cases, with practice, one can ride their bike to transit and back each day in their work clothes – and not get too damp or unpresentable. The trick is cadence and heart rate. By keeping them both down, you reduce your body’s need to sweat. Biking through the breeze helps keep you cool too.

Cycling Gear – For the serious cyclist, why not integrate a daily exercise run into your commute, including standard cycling gear, clip-in shoes and all? Arrive early, refreshed after a shower (if you’re lucky) and then a change into clean clothes… bonus!

Sweats And Tshirts – Most morning biking across the GTHA can be quite cool. It’s the afternoon ride home that can be another temperature all together. Don’t like getting home soaked? Bring light sweats and a Tshirt in your briefcase or backpack daily, in case of heat wave.

The Ultimate – For the least amount of hassle, wear style- and season-appropriate work clothes, made from fabrics that breathe well, and are excellent at keeping you cool while cycling. Look online and at most bike shops for a widening selection of cycle-friendly clothing, for all seasons.

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