Women Bike Commute is on the Rise the New Normal

Bike Commuting For Women in America is more of a trend than a traditional fact of life. Today, they make up over 35% of the total daily commute of nearly a million people in the United States alone. With this influx of bikes, it is but expected that they will be participating in similar activities of transportation and biking.

Just as women make up a larger share of the population, so too do men. This doesn’t always make women feel inferior or somewhat out of place when they are out on their bike, but it can make women feel self-conscious about riding their bike while wearing clothes that may show sweat or dirt from the bike riding. Ladies bike commuters have come up with a solution to keep their clothes looking as neat as possible while enjoying their exercise bike ride or bike commute.

Women have a number of choices for bike commutes, depending on the weather and the terrain. Some women prefer to use comfortable bikes that are not too heavy, and not to over exert themselves while exercising or biking to work. However, there are other women who find comfort is not an issue when it comes to riding on comfortable bikes. So it is not necessarily that women’s bike commuters prefer to go for uncomfortable bikes, but rather they just prefer to ride on comfortable bikes.

For this reason, many women choose to use their bikes to commute to work, instead of commuting in their cars or vans. What this means is that they have something that will accommodate their bigger bodies and comfort while riding. Some women enjoy doing slow paced biking during their commute to work in order to relax their muscles and maintain good posture as they ride. This gives them a more pleasant ride that they enjoy because they are focused on a goal instead of on the stress that the bike can cause them during the ride.

Comfort is a big factor when it comes to choosing comfortable bikes for women to ride. For example, a woman who is not in a position to bike commute to work, or one who simply does not have enough time to commit to a decent bike, may want to consider purchasing an exercise bike, or buying comfortable bikes that can fit their busy lifestyles. This means that they can commute while still exercising, and keeping themselves fit and active. One of the many great features of riding a comfortable bike is that it is extremely versatile. It can be used anywhere, even indoors.

Another reason why women’s bike commuters prefer to ride on comfortable bikes is because they love the feeling of cycling. If they have never tried biking before, they will surely enjoy the new experience. Once they become accustomed to the bike, they may see that there is a lot of enjoyment to be had by riding the bike. While biking outdoors can be extremely enjoyable also by using the comfortable bike seat for overall comfort, a women’s bike can allow for even more pleasure riding outside.

Many women often have trouble fitting into the clothing store’s strollers, or child carriages. But once they decide to bike commute, they will not have to worry about sizing, because it is no longer necessary. Women’s bikes are well-suited for women who are looking for a quick trip from their homes to the workplace, and back again. When they pedal down the streets, or through the city, the environment is kept cleaner, because women do not leave behind the unpleasant smells that pollution can leave behind, nor do they contribute to the congestion in the streets by driving their cars.

Women bike commuters can benefit from the design of modern cycling bicycles. The bike seat has ergonomic contours, and they offer women the support they need for those long rides. Women’s bikes are also durable, so they will last for a long time. Riding a bike is a simple form of exercise, and some women find that it helps them feel better overall.

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